Street, Highway & Project Lighting

NPE-Tech Street Lighting and Project Divisions are constantly working on and Streetlight repair 17 August 2016 ls1maintaining highway, street, park and  shopping precinct lights. This work is conducted in conjunction with various consultants such as Opus, Spiire, MWH and District Councils.

We are committed to helping Councils and the NZTA maintain the safety and wellbeing of residents, visitors and road users by providing streets and highways that are well lit and welcoming.

Our team works to high standards of safety and care, and strives to minimise disruption when repairing lights and installing street light poles.  We surpass Council and NZTA standards to ensure this.

We are approved to work on the Powerco and Electra Networks and work closely with providers using the latest RAMM software to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

NPE-Tech is working with the latest technology with new LED street lights being used in any necessary upgrades.  This new technology in lighting is more efficient and requires less maintenance.

We currently hold the street lighting maintenance contracts for:

  •    New Plymouth District Council
  •    Stratford District Council
  •    South Taranaki District Council

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