Renewable Energy

Installing solar energy used to be expensive and unwieldy, but with improvements in technology and the need to look at renewable energy options, this is no longer the case. Installing Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels can provide benefits in areas of property values, finances and care of the environment. Whether you are looking at a small domestic installation or large commercial premises, we are able to assist you from start to completion of the project.




Most companies that install solar panels, need to engage or sub-contract other companies to provide quoting, electrical, inspection and other services. NPE-Tech has the staff and expertise to provide everything in-house so the process is quicker, easier and more efficient for our customers. You will discuss your needs with an electrical engineer, who will give you an honest appraisal, you want a system that will meet your needs and not be an expensive “white elephant”.

  • we will discuss your options with you and provide a free quote
  • all jobs are assessed and the right product will be chosen for the application
  • installation of panels and wiring
  • installation of import/export metering
  • connection to the national grid if required – on and off grid systems can be done
  • inspection and certification

We only use Tier 1 products and all our materials are sourced to withstand the harsh coastal environments. NPE-Tech will check your incoming supply and offer solutions for optimising energy consumption.

An exciting new innovation is the addition of a monitoring system that is accessible by computers and some smartphones. If you choose this option, training will be provided by your engineer. This is part of the system now installed at our premises.



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