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At NPE-Tech we are committed to Health and Safety, making it a priority in all that we do.  We take Health and Safety extremely seriously, continuously striving to maintain the highest standard and practices possible.

We are proud of our efforts and being awarded the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) Tertiary Level, which is the highest level achievable.  Although this certification has been superseded, in preparation of this, we proactively sought ISNetworld certification, and are delighted that we have been able to accomplish this and have been awarded Powerco Approval – Preferred Contractor status.

At NPE-Tech, we understand that industry Health and Safety, and Quality systems and practices will develop and change over time, however we remain committed to ensuring that we have our ‘finger on the pulse’ to ensure we maintain our excellent Health and Safety track record and our excellent Health and Safety reputation.

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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

It is NPE-Tech Ltd.’s policy to:


  • Deliver services with due regard to the health and safety of its employees the workplace and environment.
  • Comply with client safety rules and regulations together with the requirements of the Health, Safety and Environmental Protection legislation in the country or territory in which NPE-TECH LTD operations are being carried out.
  • Develop and maintain a responsible management system that encompasses and encourages the promotion of the Health and Safety of its employees, and sub-contractors, as well as the protection of the environment.
  • Develop and maintain active encouragement of employee participation in and their contribution to the observance of Safe Working Practices.
  • Identify, assess, control, and eliminate where possible hazards associated with our operations so work can be achieved without the chance of incident or injury.
  • Empower employees to cease or not commence any activity that may endanger the environment or the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Monitor and review systems, practices and behaviours to further improve the safety and health of all employees and sub-contractor employees.
  • Require sub-contractors to manage their HSE in line with this policy, legislation of the country and responsible for all associated persons & procedures.
  • Maintain a systematic approach to HSE management, committed to reviewing procedures & making improvement where deemed necessary.


NPE-Tech believes that the responsibility lies both with the individual and management to implement and maintain Health, Safety and Environmental Protection requirements.

Powerco Approval





ISNetworld has audited NPE-Tech’s Health & Safety Environmental and Quality systems to meet Powerco Ltd criteria. In doing so NPE-Tech achieved Preferred Contractor status as seen below.  We are pleased that we have been certified for 3 years and currently in our 4th year!


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